“A proper Executive Protection dog is a family member, not just some 'bad' dog .”

Below are some examples of what you can expect from an Armored K9.  Each dog is unique to its new owner and situation, so we do not list dogs for sale without knowing the training required for your specific lifestyle and needs.


Executive Protection

Major is an Armored K9 Executive Protection Dog.  He was purchased from a kennel in VA, then finished his training at our facility.  He lives with a family of four, plus two other dogs; one of which is a 3lb Teacup Pomeranian.  He has a cotton ball temperament with his family and their guests, including children who come for sleepovers.  He is known for hogging the bed, and hanging out with mom when she had surgery.  He is incredibly balanced and stable.  He is able to be controlled by the youngest member of the family.

Major knows his job is to protect the family from outside threats, whether on the road, the office, or at home.  This is a job that he is capable of performing with precision, as directed.  This is what you can expect every time from us.  Loyalty.  Dependability.