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Our award-winning dog training academy is located in the panhandle of Florida.  Our knowledgeable staff are here for one reason - to help you become the best in the industry - whether you are Law Enforcement or just looking to become a Dog Trainer.  We train dogs for Executive Protection, Law Enforcement Detection through our facility, giving you a very unique opportunity for learning.  Our system of training is based on balanced methods and being fair, always.  This produces the type of dog you can rely on in any situation.

Executive Protection: Your family is our top priority.  We are a breeder of top performing German Shepherd Dogs.  This gives us an advantage when selecting a puppy for protection training.  It also gives us the knowledge to select the proper adult dog - we know how it should be raised.  We know the questions to ask and what to look for.  Your new dog should become a family member, willing to work, wanting to please.  Don't settle for a washout from a Military or Law Enforcement program; a Personal Protection dog has very unique qualities all its own.

Law Enforcement:  We sell green dogs for law enforcement, as well as fully trained, ready to certify Single/Dual Purpose Narcotics Detector K9's.   The integrity of your K9 LEO handlers and your K9 program is under scrutiny every day.  As a breeder of working Dutch Shepherds, we can help better your program through proper imprinting and conditioning with our 'Puppy to Patrol' system.  We have our own division for private home/business narcotics detection.  We know how important it is to have the right dog for the job, and as a partner.

Dog Training School: Located in beautiful Santa Rosa Beach, FL - we offer full Handler Training for Single Purpose and Dual Purpose Law Enforcement Dogs.  We have a reputation for our sound teaching methods in Obedience, Service Dog Training, and other disciplines.  From a beginner wanting to become a dog trainer to the professional trainer looking to hone their skills, we have a program that will fit.  Learn the ins and outs of running a full scale kennel and training facility.  The opportunities are endless.


Every client, whether an individual or a law enforcement agency, has a different need; therefore, making each dog required unique.  Please click the appropriate button below to give us some information that will help us get an understanding of your needs.  our goal is to pair you with the right dog(s) and to expedite the information gathering process.  Your information is considered confidential and proprietary, and is sent only to Armored K9. It is never sold or shared without permission.