Program Cost: $8500.00
Start Date: May 14th, 2018
Lodging Available:
There are many hotels and condos that offer great rates in relatively short driving distance of our facility.  Rates: Vary by location.

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED - Reserve a room in our comfortable 2-bedroom apartment.  You will have a bedroom with a private or semi-private bathroom, use of a full kitchen, shared living room, laundry facilities inside the unit, internet, & television.  Property has a gym, swimming pool, cookout area, dog park.  Rent for this course: $4500.00 if paid in 3 installments, or $4200.00 if paid in full at beginning of course.

School Hours:
Monday/Tues, Thurs/Friday, 8am - 6pm
Wednesday is Classroom only, 9am - 12pm

You will have plenty of free time:
You will be at the most beautiful beaches in the world.  There is much to do in the area, and you will have sufficient time to enjoy and refresh yourself.  We have world-class golf, watersports, and the world's whitest beaches.  Our students enjoy discounts at some of our favorite spots, and you will see our impact on the community as you dive into the culture of the Emerald Coast.


Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer

This course is designed to take the beginner or intermediate dog enthusiast to the next level.  Upon successful completion of this course you will have learned to work dogs through AKC Canine Good Citizen and AKC Canine Good Citizen Advanced (or equivalent).  You will also have the knowledge to continue training seamlessly into the next level.

Students have in-depth classroom studies with examinations, as well as practical studies to include working with shelter dogs, actual clients with their dogs.   Final exam will include showing skills in each area of study along with a written test.

The general course outline includes:

Animal Husbandry: Learning to care for an animal's daily needs, nutrition, and vetting.

How Dog's Learn: Students will learn essential leadership skills, operant and classical conditioning - along with the myths and mystery behind their use, behavior shaping, play as a means of training.

Body Language As An Artform: Students learn to read body language and how to 'speak' to a dog.  You will study how to identify different types of aggression and reactivity.

Confidence Building: From puppies in early imprinting stages to adults, students will learn how to identify fear, anxiety, reactivity, bullying, and how to resolve these issues through proper confidence building.

Shelter Dog Training: Students are assigned a dog to train from our local shelter.  Dog must be able to pass AKC Good Citizen and AKC Good Citizen Advanced (or equivalent) by the end of term.

Working with Clients: Students will be guided through dealing with real clients, setting up appointments, evaluating a dog and creating a plan of action for training.

Introduction to Specialty Training: Students will be introduced to the basics of Protection Training, Nosework, and Service Dog Training.