Chad Biernacki

training director

Chad Biernacki is a veteran Law Enforcement Officer who has been certified as a General Instructor by Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  He is Dog Handler and Trainer with years of experience working interdiction, detection, tracking, and patrol.  Among his accomplishments are numerous ‘case of the quarter’ awards for drug finds as an active Sheriff’s Deputy, multiple awards from the United States Police Canine Association Competitions including a 1st Place in Southeast Region along with a 1st Place at National Narcotics Detector Dog Association Certification.  He was recognized by the Northwest Florida Chapter of MADD for 9 years in a row for his efforts in DUI enforcement, based on his ability to recognize impairment from both alcohol and narcotics use.  Chad is a decorated Law Enforcement Officer recognized by the American Police Officers Hall of Fame for his life saving efforts while on the job.  He was even featured on the hit television show Live PD, on A&E.

Chad now heads up our Detector Dog Training Program at Armored K9, and manages Sniff Check Advanced K9 Detection.  Put his knowledge and proven record of results to work for you.

When he is not busy working, Chad likes to spend time hanging out with his daughter.  He also enjoys fishing and finding ways to enjoy the local outdoors.


Steve Kotowske


Steve is a Certified Obedience Trainer, Instructor.   He has also completed and certified in Narcotics Detector Dog Trainer Course and Patrol Detector Dog Handler Course while attending the training academy at American K9 Interdiction in Carrsville, VA  - one of the top facilities in the US for supplying Military Working Dogs to the DOD and the UK, as well as Police K9's throughout the US.

While known for his breeding and showing of top West German Show Line German Shepherd Dogs in the German SV arena, Steve is also a working dog trainer and breeder as well.  He is a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America - Working Dog Association and as such had the opportunity to compete at a high level against his peers.  His passion for dogs extends beyond just German Shepherd dogs, he also raises and trains Dutch Shepherds for placement as Personal Protection Dogs and Police K9 Working Dogs.  His work in Schutzhund/IPO, and Police K9 Training have earned him honors of training alongside Police K9 teams in Narcotics Detection, Tracking and All Phases of Protection. 

Steve is a family guy, has a wife, 3 sons, and a daughter.   At home he has a German Shepherd Dog, a Dutch Shepherd, a Tiny Toy Poodle, plus a Tuxedo Cat named Buddy.  He has lived in the area for over 20 years.  He is as close to a native as you're likely to find, and he takes pride in community service.


Karen Nevin

Dog Trainer / Instructor

With a degree in psychology plus fifteen years of experience in sea-life behavior, Karen is a valuable member of our team of professional trainers.  Serving primarily as our Service Dog Trainer, Karen pulls double duty as she teaches behavior shaping from a fresh perspective.  Her ability to communicate with animals is unique and enlightening.  She studies people as much as she studies the dog and works through many communication issues for our clients.