A proper detector dog must be willing to work on its own, as well as honor its handler's directions.



Blue Von Herder Haus
December 7, 2013


Narcotics Odor - Marijuana, MDMA, Heroin, Cocaine, Meth


Law Enforcement
Private Detection Company


Blue currently works in our Sniff Check (Private Detection) division.  He is trained on 5 odors, tracking, apprehension, detaining, and handler protection.  He is a pleasure to work with because he has a true off switch.  He can easily live in the home with his handler and family.  Blue is truly everything you would look for in a detector dog.  He works hard, is social, trustworthy, and likes to be a dog.  He is dominate with other males, but is committed and able to work side by side without distraction.  Blue comes with a price tag of $16,000, ready to work the streets or continue private detection.


We are currently working on a 'Tech' Detector.  This dog will be able to find data supply sources like SD cards, thumb drives, SIM cards, and hard drives.  Our choice of dog is a Labrador Retriever for this work.  The dog will be finished by the end of the year, and will be available once she is finished.  If your agency has interest in purchasing this type of dog, or if you are a nearby agency you may even consider leasing a team to assist with search after issuing a search warrant, let us know.